The following figures illustrate the Corporate Structure of Index Brook Limited and how the different entities within the Index Brook group of companies, interact to create value for stakeholders.

Index Brook Limited is a holding company comprising of the following semi-autonomous business subsidiaries:

-Pasadena Exploration and Production Company Nigeria Limited
-Seaport International Nigeria Limited
-Index Brook Exploration and Production Company Limited
-Mosbrook Nigeria Limited

The establishment of these and future subsidiaries is in line with the vision of the company to both provide third party contracting services to oil, gas and power sector companies as well as to own and operate oil, gas, power, ports and public infrastructure assets in Nigeria, Ghana, Angola and Mozambique.

Indeed, plans are underway to establish an Investment Management subsidiary that will be charged with warehousing and managing the company’s strategic investments in such assets.

The company has a long standing philosophy of leveraging strategic alliances to rapidly acquire capacity, eliminate entry barriers in its core services areas and further deepening the scope of third party contracting services offered by the company.

Aside from the value derived by Index Brook Limited from the third party contracting activities of its subsidiaries, there is a greater, even more strategic role the subsidiaries will be expected to play in providing the holding company an entry strategy in securing infrastructure asset development opportunities through the Investment Management subsidiary.

Index Brook Limited’s business philosophy is designed to balance out the risks to its shareholders and mitigate the effects of competition on its third party contracting businesses.